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Just a ShawELF
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im ok w spending $40 on food but wont buy a $40 shirt

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Everyone getting it on durin Check On and Junhong just (´ヮ`)

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You garden is quite lovely. It would be a shame if something were to… happen to it…

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i can’t be the only one who wants to see him with long hair again


yes please this beatles haircut they keep giving him is not doing his face any favors

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what if shinee were youtubers?
inspired by x
requested by bry + her youtube!au fic

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17 People Who Are Holding Us Back as a Society

Lololol that gas pump one though, I’d stab him

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Happy Birthday Lu-ge! (April 20, 1990)
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Daehyun’s face after he said shit. This boy knew what he was saying…